Momentus Sports is the industry leader in game skills training and develops and distributes sports training aids all over the world. The mission of Momentus Sports is to assist athletes in making immediate and long-lasting improvement, allowing them to maximize their potential and play their best on a consistent basis while enjoying the game to its fullest. 

The first product developed by Momentus Sports was The Weighted Swing Trainer. Swing Trainer has helped over one million golfers worldwide and was the impetus for a variety of other models and dozens of additional game improvement products. These products have proven to be effective and of superior quality and are the premier choice of PGA TOUR pros, PGA professionals, amateurs and even weekend golfers.



Momentus Sports was founded in 1994 by Jim Sorenson. A past member of the United States Walker Cup Team and former United States Public Links Champion. Sorenson serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Momentus Sports at their 30,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, USA.

Jim was working as a teaching professional in the early 90′s and became frustrated with the lack of progress and improvement his students were making with conventional methods of teaching. He was determined to find a way to help his students make the immediate and long-lasting improvement he knew they were capable of. He tried a number of training aids on the market at the time, but found them to be inadequate.

He was convinced that weight was an important part of changing their poor swinging habits and creating the proper muscle memory for a good swing. He developed the concept for shaft weighting in a golf club training aid that became the first Momentus Swing Trainer. He started using the Momentus with his students and found they made remarkable improvements very quickly. The weight of the shaft forced his students to swing the golf club along the correct swing plane and the added weight of the club developed the proper muscle memory. His students were able to easily take their improved golf swing to the course and found they were shooting lower scores and improving their handicaps.

He then ventured out to the PGA TOUR, believing that the pros would want to use the Momentus for their games as well, and found great interest from many of the touring professionals. Within a matter of days, more than 20 PGA TOUR pros had been exposed to the Momentus Swing Trainer and many were using it on a daily basis.

Today, more than 100 PGA TOUR professionals and more than 500,000 golfers around the world are using the Momentus Swing Trainer to benefit their games including many of the top players in the world.

Jim Sorenson has continued his quest to help golfers and other sports athletes by developing several other innovative game improvement products that are becoming world-renowned as well.